Masters World Series to Begin in South Africa
Date of Event Cricket Australia (Indoor): Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:26PM

The best indoor cricketers from across the world are coming together in Cape Town, South Africa to play off in the 2019 Masters World Series. 


The Masters World Series will be played across seven days at Montague Action Sports Arena in Cape Town and provides an International level competition for our elite Masters players. 


Australia, England, UAE, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, South African Invitational team and New Zealand will be hosted by South Africa, with five divisions competing for world honours; 30 & Over Ladies, 35 & Over Men, 40 & Over Men, 45 & Over Men and 50 & Over Men. 


When does it start?

Play will commence on Sunday 20th October, with Grand Finals played on Saturday 26th October. 



Full fixture can be found here.


How can I watch/follow? 

The World Indoor Cricket Federation will be live streaming a selection of games on their Facebook page.


Who’s representing Australia? 


30 & Over Women: Jeanette David, Paula Fabila, Kerryn Graham, Mel Jecks, Jess Oldfield, Emily Rixon, Shelly Savage, Rachel Sims, Janet Vautier, Sarah White, Brodie Whitmore, Michelle Wielemaker Coach: Denise Jenkins


35 & Over Men: Grant Doran, Adam Hall, Ty Hopes, Michael Kling, Simon Landrigan, Peter Lewis, Barry Richards, David Sampson, Davinder Sandhu, Michael Sullivan., Grant Trone, Liam Zammit Coach: Salvatore Fontana Manager: Mark Hullett


40 & Over Men: Vinesh Bennett, Joel Boucher, Brenton Brien, Adam Britt, JasonHays, Stephen Zeller, Stewart James,  Matt Jenkins, Alexander Glynn Knox, Francis Mason, Paul Scott Coach: Rod Jenkins Manager: Adele Wood


45 & Over Men: Jason Hardy, Preston Hart, Alexander Jesenek, Dean Kilgour, Alexander Kwong, Gavin Maher, Rodney May, Mal Perez, Eric Petersen, Troy Pitt, Stephen Simons, Peter Van Vegten Coach: Peter Leerson Manager: David McKay


50 & Over Men: Andrew Walton, Barry Morrison, Tevor Hart, Christopher Henry, Darcy Holzberger, Edward Hempstead, Edward Marriner, Jan Trela, John Kuljis, Stefano Tomerini, Terry Dimmick, Wayne Turner Coach: Michael Alldridge Manager: Christopher Barnes 


Officials: Ben Ridgway (Umpire) Andrew Potts (Umpire) 

Trainers: Natalie Kmet, Ben Clark, Hayley Rawson.

Last updated: Monday October 14, 2019 6:32PM