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The Lord’s Taverners Australia


The Lord's Taverners Australia was formed in 1982 as an autonomous organisation with a national executive and branches in all states and territories.


Collectively the Australian branches have raised in excess of $12m in cash and kind.


The Lord's Taverners Australia, a benevolent association whose mission, through subscriptions, sponsorship, fundraising activities and donations is to give young people, particularly those with special needs, the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation.


The Lord's Taverners Australia is a national body comprised of a council which meets yearly to formulate policy and from time to time to give guidance to the State and Territory branches.  Representatives from these branches sit on the National Council together with the other office bearers usual in an organisation such as ours.


Each State and Territory has its own President, Chairman, Hon Secretary, Treasurer and Committee.  Each Committee, meets on a regular basis and acting within broad national guidelines a desire to contribute to and raise money for the young, especially those who are disadvantaged or with a disability but is free to implement their own program in seeking to fulfill locally defined objectives.


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Sport Inclusion Australia


Sport Inclusion Australia is a national organisation established in 1986 to increase the sporting and recreational opportunities for all people with integration difficulties within Australia.


Sport Inclusion Australia endeavours to provide people with integration difficulties, primarily those with an intellectual disability the opportunity to purse their sporting and recreational interests, focusing on the ability and choice of each individual, based on social inclusion principles.


A major aim of Sport Inclusion Australia is to liaise with national sporting and recreational organisations to promote and assist build the capacity of their organisations to include programs for people with a disability.


Sport Inclusion Australia does not conduct events, but rather advocates for the inclusion and development of programs/events from local to international level, ensuring athletes are afforded the same opportunities as their able bodied peers.


Sport owns sport for all Australians, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability


Sport Inclusion Australia has partnered with Australian Sport over the past 29 years with outstanding success – in Indoor Cricket,  Cricket, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Australian Rules Football, Tennis, School Sport, Gymnastics, Cycling, Table Tennis, Bowls, Netball, Ten Pin, Sailing to name a few.


The models where National, State and local sporting organisations have included events for people with a disability highlight to the wider sporting community that sport should own and deliver sport to ALL Australians with the focus on ability.


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