Lord's Taverners Shield




The Lord's Taverners Shield is a division incorporated into Cricket Australia's Australian Indoor Open Championships for players with an intellectual disability.

The tournament is run in conjunction with Lord’s Taverners Australia and Sport Inclusion Australia, a national organisation established to increase the sporting and recreational opportunities for all people with an intellectual disability within Australia.


Cricket Australia (and, prior to 2009, the Australian Indoor Cricket Federation (AICF)) was the first National Sporting Organisation to fully embrace the concept of inclusion and include an event for players with an intellectual disability alongside their National Open event. 


The 2016 Lord’s Taverners Shield represented the 24th year of this event, with the inaugural Lord's Taverners Shield taking place in Victoria in 1993. Four states were represented in the first year: New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. Since then, every state and territory has been represented in the Lord's Taverners Shield.


The Lord’s Taverners Australia and branches have sponsored this event across 23 years and it's total sponsorship value has been in excess of $530,000.  Over the course of the Lord’s Taverners Shield this sponsorship has helped the lives of a staggering 360 young men and 7 women with an intellectual disability. The Lord’s Taverners community are to be commended for their unwavering support in making sport accessible to all Australians.













Find out more information on the Lord's Taverners Shield including how you may get involved by looking through our other information tabs, or by contacting your State or Territory representative.



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Chris Griffin

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Ivan Spyrdz

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Ben Smith

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Narelle Morrison

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Stewart James

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Oliver McDowall

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Ross Gregory



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Alan Singer